wy.by offers commercial lessors an extensive, web-based, cost-effective booking system, thus simplifying the rental process.

booking system for agricultural equipment

Using wy.by and their smartphones, GVS members can immediately book the needed equipment while out in the field.

AGV Fire Protection Application

The application covers the entire fire prevention permit process, from the initial request through to the granting of the permit and regular checks.


Medgate’s website presents a comprehensive array of high-quality healthcare services.


Zurich-based teaching materials publisher LMVZH makes its resources available on a portal students can use every day.


The valuable offer of senior living communities and their funding bodies is presented on the web portal alterwohnungen-basel.ch. It is explained what an senior living community is and which qualities the settlements and residencies offer.

ROSnet - ein Projekt des Kantons Zürich

ROSnet supports the processes in the risk-based approach to sanctions across all enforcement phases and institutions.

Kinderbetreuung Schweiz

The childcare platform is a marketplace for qualified childcare institutions catering to parents of children up to the age of 12.

Wartmann Technologie AG

Available in three languages, the appealing design of Wartmann Technologie AG’s website sets it apart from its competitors.

Emile Egger & Cie AG

The corporate website showcases the company’s comprehensive expertise and capabilities.


siroop AG runs an online market place of local, regional and national traders from one single source. The plattform offers an easy-to-use and well-arranged interface and brings provider and buyer directly into contact.


IGS also relies on Icontel’s expertise for IT projects.

Onlinepräsenz SIK-ISEA

Swiss art lovers can explore an abundance of well-founded research information on Swiss art and art history online.

Vitodata Website und Blog

The corporate website has been enhanced with the addition of a popular company blog.


Booking test drives and ordering brochures on the Mercedes digital campaign microsites.

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

With Icontels project management, the new Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn website and webshop were successfully launched on time and budget.

Swisscom Landingpage

Simple handling and evaluation of campaigns in three languages – German, French and Italian.