Verein Zusammenarbeit Alterssiedlungen Basel-Stadt


Zabs, founded in 2014, is an association which promotes socio-political development and generates strategies in the area of senior housing relating to politics, society and economy. Zabs represents more than 40 senior living communities and their funding bodies running 1700 senior apartments and guarantee a age-friendly, neighborly and targeted services.


The valuable offer of senior living communities and their funding bodies is presented on the web portal It is explained what a senior living community is and which qualities the settlements and residences offer. More than 40 settlements of senior apartements present themselves with their special qualities. Each senior living community manages their data personally. Furthermore, based on an approval process a settlement can be added and published by the settlement administrator and Zabs administrator. Aspects of accessibility were also taken into account while designing the website. Design and concept were developed in close collaboration with intuitiva.

« The new website attractively provides information about the complex topic of senior living and covers valuable support and tips for this target group. This allows us to have a broad impact. »

Iris Lenardic Project Manager, "Project Angebotstransparenz"


The portal was implemented with open source CMS, .NET DNN. For the acquisition and management of the estates a DNN model was established which is based on the technology of .NET, C#, MS SQL, Razor and AngularJS.